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Businesses must evolve for a new workforce of Gen Z and Millennials. Focusing on
health and convenience in food offerings is important to attract and keep
younger workers.

The Coffee Bar

Danone North America has a large portfolio of creamers available in diverse formats.
This includes International Delight® – the #1 creamer brand in away from home1,
along with plant-based options including Silk® – the #1 plant-based beverage brand2.

Portion Control Creamers
Bulk Creaming Equipment
Bulk Creamer Equipment
Dairy-Free Creamers
Introducing new
Silk Barista Collection!
  • Steams without separating: A dairy-free choice that holds up to the heat.
  • Velvety foam: Glossy microfoam for beautiful latte art and drizzles.
  • Use hot or cold: formulated for versatility. Great for tea and smoothies.

Single Serve Items

Consumers are increasingly looking for better-for-you, grab-and-go food and
beverage options to fit into their busy workday.

Yogurt and Yogurt Alternatives

Oikos® Triple Zero
Greek Nonfat

Silk Almond
Yogurt Alternative

So Delicious® Dairy
Free Yogurt

Cold Brew Coffee
Plant-Based Beverages

Bulk – for Back of House Culinary Creations

Keep up with demand for culinary offerings created for a variety of dietary needs
with bulk products including plant-based options.

Yogurt and Yogurt Alternatives

Oikos Greek
Nonfat Yogurt

Dannon® Pro
and Quarts



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Business & Industry Recipes

Find new recipe ideas to serve up more options that are operationally friendly and
offer more to a wider range of dietary needs.

1 NPD Supply Track, 12 months, ending January 2019, $ Share

2 IRI Total US 52WE 6-30-19, $ Sales