Coffee Solutions: Bulk & Wholesale Creamer,
Cold Brew Coffee, and Equipment

Coffee remains incredibly popular and is now the #1 beverage consumed in
water! 63% of Americans
consumed coffee yesterday and
35% of
these coffee drinkers
consumed it away from home1.
Danone is the foodservice
bar leader with consumer-loved
brands across coffee creamers,
iced coffee,
and cold brew coffee.

Creamer Products

Danone North America has a large portfolio of creamers available in
diverse formats
to suit all
consumer and operator needs. This
includes International Delight–the
creamer brand in away from
home2, traditional dairy creamers,
such as Land O’Lakes,
plant-based options, including So Delicious and Silk, the #1
beverage brand3.

Plant-Based Creamers
Portion Control Creamers

Plant based creaming is on the
rise, with
nearly 2/3 of
consumers using a plant-based
milk or creamer in their coffee 4.

Portion Control Creamers

Offering variety is critical to driving cup sales.
Portion control creamers allow for customization
and cleanliness across the coffee bar.

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Bulk Creaming Equipment

An efficient and profitable option
for high traffic coffee bars,
Danone’s bulk chilled creamer
dispensers offer a solution for a
fast, fresh consumer experience.

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When trying to grow cup sales,
offering branded flavors increases
consumer appeal and loyalty.

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Regardless of location and volume,
ensuring a consumer can customize
their coffee is key.

Coffee Customization: Flavors and Toppings

Customization is king: 89% of people like to customize their coffee5. In addition to
creamers, Danone provides flavor shots and the ability to increase caffeine.

Flavor Shots
SToK Caffeine Shot
SToK Caffeine Shot

Barista Collection

Formulated with baristas in mind, Silk Barista Collection options steam without separating, create a velvety foam, and are formulated to be used hot or cold. Available in Almond and Soy.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the second most commonly consumed type of coffee behind regular brewed coffee6. Consumers look to iced coffee to start their day, or for an afternoon treat.


Cold Brew Options

Cold Brew is driving the growth in the Ready-to-Drink Coffee category, and SToK is
the #1 Cold Brew Brand across channels7! SToK is available in:

Single Serve
Bulk Machines
Bulk Machines

Coffee Tools & Solutions

Display Bins
Carafe Wraps
Coffee Bar
Hygiene Recommendations


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please call (888) 620-9910

Product News

Introducing new
Silk Barista Collection!
  • Steams without separating: A dairy-free
    choice that holds up to the heat.
  • Velvety foam: Glossy microfoam for
    beautiful latte art and drizzles.
  • Use hot or cold: formulated for versatility.
    Great for tea and smoothies.

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