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Consumers today have an on-the-go lifestyle and use convenience stores to not just
refuel their cars, but also to refuel their bodies. Coffee remains a top selling item in
convenience stores as a part of consumers’ morning routines and as a mid-day pick-me-up.
Consumers are also increasingly looking for better-for-you food and beverage
options in convenience stores.

Coffee Creamer

Customization is critical in convenience stores – 89% of consumers like to customize
their coffee. 66% of consumers cream their coffee and 35% like to mix more than
one flavor of creamer into their coffee1.

Plant-based Creamers
Portion Control Creamers
Bulk Creamer Equipment

Offering dairy free creamer options is critical to satisfying all consumers and driving cup sales.

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Portion Control Creamers

Variety drives cup sales and portion control creamers allow for customization and cleanliness across coffee bars.

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Bulk Creamer Equipment

Bulk chilled creamer dispensers offer an efficient and profitable option for high traffic coffee bars

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is driving the growth in the Ready-to-Drink Coffee category, and SToKTM is the
top selling cold brew in both grocery and convenience stores2. SToK is available in:

Single Serve
Bulk Machines
Bulk Machines

Grab Some Good

Better-for-you food and beverage is growing 12-times faster than the overall
industry3, and consumers are willing to pay more for health and wellness benefits4.
Danone has consumer-loved plant-based, yogurt, and organic brands in convenient
on-the-go formats that fit their lives.

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2 IRI Groc+Super + TTL US Conv L52 wks ending 5/26/19

3Technomic Healthy Eating Trend Report, Oct 2016

4Technomic Healthy Eating Trend Report, Oct 2016