Berry Peanut Butter and Danimals Strawberry Yogurt Waffle Taco

Berry Peanut Butter and Danimals Strawberry Yogurt Waffle Taco

The inspiration

  • Strawberries, diced/sliced, frozen, thawed13.75 pounds

  • Blueberries, wild, frozen, thawed6.75 pounds

  • Waffle, frozen, whole grain, 1-ounce grain
    equivalent each
    50 each

  • Peanut butter1.75 pounds

  • Danimals Strawberry Yogurt, 4 ounce50 each

The Technique

1. Thaw strawberries.

2. Thaw blueberries.

3. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place waffles on sheet pan and bake for 10 minutes. They should be pliable and NOT crispy when remove from oven. This will allow students to form them into a taco shape.

4. CCP: keep warm, above 135 degrees, for service.

5. Place all ingredients in a grab and go container for students to assemble: (1) waffle, ½ cup strawberries, ½ cup blueberries, 0.56 ounces of peanut butter and (1) Danimals Strawberry Yogurt.

6. To assemble tacos: spread peanut butter on tacos and top with yogurt and fruit.

Recipe notes:

  • Sunbutter or Soy butter can be used in place of peanut butter.
  • Add another waffle and ½ cup of fresh vegetables to make this a breakfast for lunch option.
  • If offer vs. service is not used, to complete the meal serve with a Horizon Organic Low-fat UHT Milk.

Nutrients Per Serving:
Nutrient %DV Nutrient %DV Nutrient %DV
Calories42321%Total Fat (g)11g14%Dietary Fiber9g32%
Protein (g)13g26%Saturated Fat (g)2g20%Sodium (mg)497mg22%
Carbohydrate (g)70g25%Cholesterol (mg)4mg1%Sugar (g)10g


50 Servings
1 serving is 1.25 oz meat/meat alternate, 1 oz grain equivalent, 1 cup fruit.