Chocolate S’more Yogurt Dip

Chocolate S’more Yogurt Dip

The inspiration

  • Dannon® low fat Vanilla Yogurt, 6.5 quarts

  • Cocoa powder 1.5 cups

  • Graham Crackers, whole grain 3.125 pounds

  • Chocolate Chips 2 cups (optional topping)

  • Mini marshmallows 2 cups (optional topping)

The Technique

1. Reserve 1 cup of Dannon® vanilla yogurt. Set aside to use later.

2. In a large bowl, mix remaining yogurt and cocoa powder.

3. Portion 4 ounces into souffle cups.

4. Top with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows (if using). Drizzle with each with ½ teaspoon of vanilla yogurt that was set aside.

5. Serve with graham crackers.

6. Serve cold.

*Keep cold for service, below 41 degrees

Recipes notes: 1 serving is 4 ounces
Optional topping is included in nutrition analysis

Nutrients Per Serving:

Calories 267 Total Fat (gm) 7.5 Dietary Fiber 1.5
Protein (gm) 8 Saturated Fat (gm) 3 Sodium 200
Carbohydrate (gm) 43 Cholesterol (mg) 5.6  


50 Servings
4-ounce serving is 1-ounce meat/meat alternate and 1 oz grain equivalent