Chunky Monkey Breakfast Pizza

Chunky Monkey Breakfast Pizza

With Peanut Butter and Silk® Soy Yogurt Alternative Spread

The inspiration

  • Silk® Soy Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative3.125 quarts

  • Peanut butter1.75 pounds

  • Honey6 ounces

  • Vanilla extract1 ounce

  • Chocolate Chips, dairy free2 cups

  • Banana, fresh, 150 count14.5 pounds

  • Waffle, frozen, 1-ounce grain equivalent each100 each

  • Strawberries, fresh9.5 pounds

  • Silk® Aseptic Soy Milk, Very Vanilla, 8oz.50 each

The Technique

1. In a large container, mix soy yogurt alternative, peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract.

CCP: Keep cold for service, below 41 degrees

2. Cook waffles according to packaging directions.

CCP: Keep warm for service, above 135 degrees

3. Peel and slice bananas.

4. Portion 1.25 ounces of soy yogurt alternative mix on to each waffle. Top with ¼ cup sliced banana and 1 teaspoon of dairy-free chocolate chips.

5. One serving is two waffle pizzas.

6. Serve immediately with a side of ½ cup fresh strawberries.

Recipe notes:

  • Soy butter can be substituted for peanut butter.
  • For grab and go, keep all items separate and allow students to assemble once they receive the meal.
  • For grades K-5, serve one breakfast pizza as a serving.

Nutrients Per Serving:
Nutrient%DVNutrient %DVNutrient%DV
Calories58029%Total Fat (g)19g24%Dietary Fiber7g25%
Protein (g)18g36%Saturated Fat (g)6g30%Sodium (mg)320mg13%
Carbohydrate (g)84g30%Cholesterol (mg)5mg1%Sugar (g)19g


50 Servings
1 serving is 1 ounce meat/meat alternate, 1 ounce grain and 1 cup fruit