Blueberry Crunch Yogurt Parfait served with Dried Cranberries

Blueberry Crunch Yogurt Parfait served with Dried Cranberries

Submitted by: Bella Romero Academy, Greeley, CO

The inspiration

  • Granola

    • Oats2 pounds, 8 ounces
    • Buttermilk, reduced fat16 ounces
    • Butter, unsalted, melted8 ounces
    • Sugar, granulated14 ounces
    • Salt, kosher1 teaspoon

  • Parfait

    • Dannon® Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt6.5 quarts
    • Blueberries, IQF, frozen9 pounds
    • Dried Cranberries4.5 pounds
    • Horizon Organic® Low Fat Aseptic Milk, 8 oz52 each

The Technique

1. For Granola: Preheat oven to 275 degrees.

2. In a large bowl combine oats, buttermilk and melted butter. Let rest for 20 minutes, covered.

3. Add sugar and salt. Toss to combine. Rest covered for 20 minutes.

4. Transfer to a sheet pan that is lined with parchment.

5. Bake for 100 minutes. Stirring at 25 minutes intervals.

6. Remove from oven and cool at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or package warm.

7. Can be stored in a labeled, sealed container for up to 6 months.

8. For parfait: thaw blueberries in the refrigerator overnight.

9. In a 9 oz cup, portion ½ cup yogurt, ½ cup blueberries and top with 1.5 ounces of granola.

CCP: Keep cold for service, below 41 degrees

Serve with ¼ cup dried cranberries.

Recipe notes:

  • If pre-plating, do not add granola until ready for service or serve separately.
  • Encourage students to add dried cranberries to blueberry parfait when eating for added texture and flavor.

Nutrients Per Serving:
Nutrient%DVNutrient %DVNutrient%DV
Calories49724%Total Fat (g)7g8%Dietary Fiber6g21%
Protein (g)18g30%Saturated Fat (g)3g15%Sodium (mg)250mg10%
Carbohydrate (g)81g29%Cholesterol (mg)19mg6%Sugar (g)36


52 Servings
1 serving is 1 parfait, 1.5 ounces granola, and ¼ cup dried cranberries
1 serving is 1 ounce meat/meat alternate, 1 ounce grain, 1 cup fruit (1/2 cup blueberries, ¼ cup dried cranberries)