Blueberry Sunshine Smoothie

Blueberry Sunshine Smoothie

The inspiration

  • Dannon® Oikos® Pro Greek Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt 6.25 quarts

  • Wild Blueberries, frozen 4.5 pounds

  • Bananas, fresh 7 pounds

  • Orange Juice 6.25 quarts

The Technique

1. Add all ingredients to a large container. Puree with an immersion blend.

2. Portion 10 ounces into cups.

3. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate.

4. Serve cold.

*Keep cold for service, below 41 degrees

Recipes notes: Frozen bananas can be used as well.
Recipe tip: Alternative preparation method is to puree fruit and juice together. Stir in yogurt.

Nutrients Per Serving:

Calories 226 Total Fat (gm) 0.5 Dietary Fiber 3.5
Protein (gm) 10 Saturated Fat (gm) 0 Sodium 35
Carbohydrate (gm) 46 Cholesterol (mg) 0  


50 Servings
1 serving is 10 ounces
1 serving is 1 oz meat/meat alternate and 1 cup fruit